Anarchism – What is Voluntaryism?

Welcome to Five Steps to Anarchy. Anarchism, or voluntaryism as some call it, does not mean chaos. It simply means society without rulers. Our goal is not to recreate the wealth of great information available to newcomers but to make the information easy to find and easy to navigate. We will have original content in the form of blog posts but will lead you to timeless writings and videos authored by and featuring people that have the answers to personal freedom and the end of the statist society, what we refer to as voluntaryism.

What are the five steps to Anarchy? Well, we made that up :)
But! This is a good start. Click each step for an easy to digest introduction.

  1. Understand and accept that government is institutionalized violence.
  2. Learn, teach, and live by the non-aggression principle.
  3. Learn to think for yourself –¬†logically.
  4. Take responsibility for your personal safety.
  5. Guide newcomers toward the cause of liberty and teach your children about real freedom.

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  • October 17, 2013

    So many times do I see predictions that basically everyone is just going to lose their minds and go murder and plunder without a government or that some “warlord” will suddenly appear and magically have the manpower to conquer huge populations. It’s absolute bull. Does the potential for somebody to murder or steal (which currently […]

  • August 12, 2013

    The non-aggression principle or NAP (sometimes the zero aggression principle) is a simple concept that helps identify and avoid unethical behavior in ourselves and others. The principle states that it is unethical and unjust to initiate coercion, physical force, threats, or fraud against other people. “Initiation” is the key word; since there’s obviously no magical […]