Forget “Respect for The Law”

At face value, the purpose of law is to protect society from violence, theft, and other mistreatment. This, of course, sounds like a good thing. As a child, your parents and everyone who was most influential over you probably taught you to have respect for the law, and if you were to ever break any law you would be a bad person, as if the law is a shimmering code of absolute goodness and morality. Well, no. That’s wrong for many reasons.

Yes, the law states what actions must not be done, and law enforcement serves to deter the act before it happens, and to apprehend and punish the criminal after the law has been broken. Laws against murder, rape, and theft are made with good intentions. However, the law also dictates what you may do with your personal property; the law dictates whom you may marry; the law dictates what you may sell in a consensual transaction; the law dictates what substances you may put in your own body. There is no victim being protected by these particular laws; they are only a form of control.

Therefore, in our modern society, as run and dictated by “The State”, blind obedience to the law is a terrible thing to live by and a terrible thing to teach others. Most regulations that actually affect you in your everyday life are, at their core, mafia-like revenue generation schemes.

What about if you drive 15 miles per hour over the speed limit on a barren, four-lane, divided highway? A man in a costume may force you off of the road and tell you that you’d better pay up for breaking the rules.

What about if you build an addition to your house? Sorry, you were supposed to pay up for permission to build on your own property. Now you’ve got to pay more for not giving it up in the first place, or they’ll tear down your work.

And we can talk about taxation until the cows come home.

Who was harmed by your “speeding”? No one. Who was harmed by you building onto your house? No one. These things aren’t about keeping anybody safe or protecting society from mistreatment; it’s about taking your money.

Everybody you know will most likely laugh it off and then remark that “you had it coming!” for getting caught stepping out of line and disobeying. This is absurd! It’s just like blaming a rape victim for “dressing provocatively” and telling her that she had it coming.

“Respect for the law” is a misled idea. The mafia creates all the laws that say that it is “legal” for them to steal your money and punish you if you don’t pay them their cut. Why should you respect that which doesn’t respect you? “Respect for the law” is a method of brainwashing to keep the people in line and to get the people to turn on one another. Nobody and nothing should ever be taken for granted because of a title or position; no law should ever be accepted merely on the grounds that it “is the law”.

Logical and rational thought is the only way to be free; not respect for the law.

Posted by Clint Blizzard on December 4, 2011


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