Government – A History of Violence

As the American government becomes more and more authoritarian, assassinating people in other countries every day and stripping away more of your freedoms (not that you have many left), the natural response, if you’re paying attention, is to think “Man! Government shouldn’t have all this power.” You might become a libertarian and think you can fix the system from within itself by putting “the right people” in.

You’re on the right track, but if you look closely, you’ll know you can’t fix it. Government has always been about stealing from you and stomping your neck with its jackboots. The schools just don’t teach you that, probably because they’re owned and run by the government.

It goes back to the dawn of man, but to make things simple, I’ll start with the United States. Englishmen came to America, pushed the Indians aside and set up shop. When they wanted more land, the government drove west and slaughtered the Indians, taking what they wanted by force, and wrote laws saying they had the right to do it. Meanwhile, people claimed ownership of Africans to work their farms and serve them, and the government backed it up with law.

When the southerners decided they wanted to run things differently–that they didn’t agree with the government and wanted to do their own thing, exactly the same way the USA was founded–the government said no, and thus began a war. It wasn’t about slavery, it was about secession. The Union wanted to stamp it out and keep controlling the south because of authoritarianism. (Had they won the war, the Confederates would simply set up another, slightly different authoritarian government of their own, but that’s beside the point.)

And so on, the government has always used violence to get what it wants. There is no way for a government to exist without force, or coercion by the threat of violence. As soon as the citizenship is free to ignore the mandates of the government, it must either force them to comply, or dissolve under its own impotence.

Since government cannot function without violence, don’t stop at libertarian minarchism–the belief in small government. Take the leap, go the distance, and join us anarchists in the belief in true freedom.

Posted by Glenn Frost on June 19, 2012


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