Your Government is a Mafia – Understanding a Statist Society

Wait! Don’t go away! This is the truth that can set you free. At least stick around and use reason and logic to defend your love and trust of “The State”.

In this article “The State” refers to governing forces that create law, enforce law, provide public services and demand repayment of said services. This includes all federal, state, county and local government agencies and departments.

The day you are born and take your first breath outside your mother’s womb, you are deemed to be bound by a contract. This contract between you and “The State” is nothing less than enslavement. It doesn’t matter where you are born, imaginary lines have been drawn all over the globe like a spastic painter puts color to a canvas. Your role as a slave and the price you will pay is determined by the imaginary lines you are born within.

If you are already questioning this information, then you have probably been lied to your entire life. People you have loved, respected, defended, and looked up to like your parents, your grandparents, your teachers, your employers, your professors, and your government have not told you the truth. They either believed the lies themselves, or if they didn’t, then they were too weak, cowardly, ashamed, or selfish to tell the truth. You probably can’t save them, but you can save yourself, your children, and your grandchildren. Just admit and tell the truth.

You have probably heard all of your life that you have a contract with “The State”. How did you sign this contract as a newborn? How did your parents allow your rights and labor to be sold to “The State”? Didn’t they love you? How can your government borrow money on your ability to work and then make you pay those loans back?

It may not be your parents’ fault that you were born a slave, but they are complicit if they did not tell you that you were born into slavery and ownership. If they did not tell you how you can fight for your freedom and right of self ownership, then they were against you having freedom. If they told you that you can pray or vote your way out of slavery, then they LIED!

Think logically about the following scenario and try to use reason and logic before you draw any conclusions:

Sales Tax
Let’s say you grow up and decide you want to sell fruits and vegetables to people in your community. You find a farm and an orchard that will sell you produce at wholesale pricing. You decide to make your first purchase but a man JUMPS out of the bushes and tells you that you can’t buy wholesale unless you have a Sales Tax ID Number. You ask why and he replies, “Because everyone that exercises their right to buy goods and services from YOU owes ‘The State’ money and you will need to collect it for them.”

1) You are forced to be a part of this system or you will be refused the right of trade.
2) You become a collection agent for this mafia.
3) You will not be paid any wages for being a collection agent
4) The menacing man is an agent for this mafia and will do you harm because they pay him to.

You fear this man and his power so you get a Tax ID Number. Along with this number comes a long list of rules and regulations you must follow as a part of this contract you were forced to accept.

Income Tax
You have been selling your produce for a few months now and working for “The State” as a collection agency as provided by the contract you were forced into. The menacing man shows up at your door and demands to see your financial records. You ask why, and the man goes on about how you exercised your right to sell goods and services for more than you paid for them so you owe “The State” income tax. First the man demands $500 in fines because you don’t have a Tax Payer ID Number. He gives you a piece of paper with your very own Tax Payer ID number on it and more rules you are obligated to follow.

The man looks at your books and determines that you sold $10,000 worth of produce for $12,000 and demands a payment of $400 for income tax plus $600 in interest and penalties for not paying on time.

You tell him he is mad and you refuse to pay. He grabs you by the throat, throws you to the ground and drags you off to a cage where you spend 3 months of your life. During this time your parents, relatives, and friends visit and tell you that you should have paid your share.

You decide paying these taxes is not such a bad thing after all and you VOLUNTEER to pay the income tax from this day forward.

Employers Forced to Comply and Steal
Your business is surviving so far because you raised the price of your produce to help cover the taxes, but now you have competition because of your higher prices. You know the only way to survive now is if you can sell in quantity, so you decide to hire employees.

Fearing more time in jail and penalties, you call “The State” and ask what you need to do to comply with regulations on being an employer. They are very polite and thank you for calling before hiring, and then the agent reminds you of the severe penalties you could have faced had you not received your Employer ID Number first.

You receive your Employer ID Number and a book of rules and regulations you must follow or face more jail time, or possibly injury, or death. In the book, it makes you an agent of this mafia once again.

1) You must collect income tax from your employees’ pay and send it to “The State”
2) You must collect Social Security payments for the mafia
3) You must match the Social Security Payments out of your own funds and send it to the mafia too.
4) You must make sure your employees have a Tax Payer ID number so they can comply too

Theft and Terrorist Threats
Where did this right to force both collection duties and payment of taxes come from? Why don’t you have a choice? It’s simple, you are a slave and the threat of force, violence, and death are the foundation of these taxes and collection obligations. It’s nothing less than terrorism and you give in to it every day.

If you can’t work without giving “The State” a cut, then you are not free. If you can’t trade with another individual or business without giving “The State” a cut, then you are not free. The government mafia demands a cut of transactions that they neither provide goods or services for. When they do claim to provide a collateral service during a mutually beneficial transaction, it is a forced service, not voluntary. If a government wants to provide services, then you must be able to opt-out of those services or pay for those services as needed, or you are not free. This works between individuals and businesses, so it should be the same for “The State”-run mafia, but they continue to use force to sell their goods and services.

There are plenty of other areas that we could discuss, like property tax, which denies a person the right to home ownership, but you only need sales tax and income tax examples to see the real criminal activity at work and to recognize that you are not FREE.

Continuing Education
Beautiful Freedom by Stefan Molyneux

The State is Not Great: How Government Poisons Everything by Jacob Spinney

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Posted by David Blizzard on December 4, 2011


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