Anarchy: Predictions of Doom and Gloom

So many times do I see predictions that basically everyone is just going to lose their minds and go murder and plunder without a government or that some “warlord” will suddenly appear and magically have the manpower to conquer huge populations. It’s absolute bull. Does the potential for somebody to murder or steal (which currently happens anyway) justify the entire oppressive, immoral, evil institute of government that kills and destroys the lives of way more people than any individual could ever hope to?

Imagine your friends/off-road club/church/social-group-of-your-choice existing without interference from a state. Are you going to rally together to murder the neighborhood on the next street over? Why would you do this? What are you getting out of it? Are you going to feel good about yourself? Is a “police force” the only thing stopping you from doing this now? What makes you think the people on the next street don’t have a neighborhood watch setup where there are always a couple armed people around keeping an eye out? Don’t even think “but there are people who would!” It’s irrelevant. Only think about what you would do. You are the average person. Sociopaths/psychopaths, contrary to what television would have you believe, are not the societal norm.

Stop thinking of government as something respectable or necessary or that it just needs to be fixed. (It’s working just fine!) The only reason it has the power it does is that people give it that power. Thousands of years of propaganda have thoroughly entrenched the idea that it is a “necessary evil” in the minds of most, and that is exactly why it still has the “authority” it does. It’s beneath all of us and needs to cease being an authority in your mind.

Posted by Kyle Blizzard on October 17, 2013


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