Putting Taxes in Perspective

Taxation is simply wrong. Don’t agree? Try this.

Your neighbor comes to your door and tells you, “I need about 30% of your income so I can maintain the neighborhood, keep the road in good condition, and keep the place looking nice.” Maybe you don’t really understand why he needs a percentage, so you suggest, “Just let me know how much the expenses are and I’ll pitch in what I can. I like to know what I’m paying for and make sure I actually want to pay for it.”

Your neighbor replies, “You don’t understand. If you don’t give me 30% of your income each year, I’ll have Bill from across the street come over with a gun and bring you to his house, where he’ll lock you in a cage for a few years. Joe, Tim, and I voted on this and decided this is best for the neighborhood, so you have to go with it.”

“I didn’t agree to anything,” you might say.
“But you live here, so it’s implied.”
“What if I refuse to go with Bill?” you might ask.
“You don’t have a choice. He’ll just take you.”
“What if I fight him?”
“Then he’ll shoot you if necessary. That’s what the gun is for.”

Obviously, this is extortion. Even today, you would be well within your rights to defend yourself, even with deadly force, if Bill did, in fact, come to take you.

But this is almost exactly what the government is doing to you.

Posted by Clint Blizzard on February 24, 2012


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