Rinsing Off Your Brain

Have you been brainwashed? How fast did you just respond NO! Just like an alcoholic or a drug addict first we need to admit we have been brainwashed. Everyone has really. Marketers, parents, news channels, churches, and governments all use various degrees of brain washing and we all have fallen for some. The worst thing today is the control over television broadcasting, religion, and public education.

What can you do to help yourself? Avoid the repetitive illogical drones from all of the above. If you aren’t ready to break away from religion then you might want to try to reduce your exposure and start making your own decisions. I’m not telling you to denounce religion or stop believing in your chosen God, but stop letting others tell you what to think about your God and your own personal values and decisions. You know right from wrong.

Political parties are just the same, there is too much control and manipulation placed on you when you belong to a political party. This is no different than rooting for a football or baseball team when you have no personal relationship with any of the players, coaches, or management. It’s illogical. Why don’t you enjoy exceptional athleticism from both team’s players? Why do you cheer “your team” when they make a great play and you boo, hiss, and moan when the other team makes a great play. This is illogical.

How do you know you have been brainwashed? When someone makes a comment or statement you don’t agree with do you analyze it or do you blurt out an immediate response? Chances are you almost always have a prepared response for anything religious or political. To make things worse, after you blurt out your stored response you start thinking of ways to justify it. This is a sign that you might not be thinking for yourself.

What can you do to reprogram your mind? Bite your tongue. Use logic, reason, and in some cases science to dissect the statement and then draw conclusions that are based on reason and logic. Many times you will realize that you don’t really have enough information to form a reasonable opinion about something. Start asking yourself how you had an immediate answer for something you didn’t understand. It can be painful but it will be rewarding in the end. Once someone has power over your time, your religion, or your political ideology then they can tell you what to believe about politics, war, food, products, love, etc, and this is the real problem with giving someone that much power. Take back ownership of you. Start thinking for yourself and start living free.

Posted by David Blizzard on December 17, 2011


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