Self Defense in a Stateless Society

When I discuss anarchism with someone who has a strong belief in taxes and the need for “The State” I know one of two topics is going to come up, if not both. “The Roads!” and “what about the police and criminals”? The Roads is covered in another post (What About The Roads?) but I want to address personal protection. It doesn’t really matter if we live in a free society or the current statist society these ideas about self defense still hold true.

First I want to ask anyone that does not have plans for self defense and protection of their own family, “why should I value your life or your family member’s lives when it is apparent you don’t”? Is that harsh? Maybe, but it is based on logic and reason. The question isn’t meant to point fingers or make you feel like an outcast. The question is just to get you thinking. It doesn’t mean others shouldn’t help you, it just asks why should they be prepared for your defense and not you? Even if you feel you don’t have the physical strength or confidence to defend yourself you can still make plans. You can delegate it to a friend or lover, another family member, or pay for protection services but you still need a plan. If you have consciously agreed that you pay your taxes so you can have paid protection services then I can’t argue that you have not made a plan, but I do think that you are misguided, naive, and have a misunderstanding of government protection services.

If you and your family are the victims of a home invasion, the chance that any government agency will be able to arrive and defend you before any physical harm or theft takes place is very close to zero. Closer to zero than it is to 1%. At best, the police can return stolen property. They can not undo a rape, a murder, or a beating.

I’m not telling you that you can prevent all crimes against you. I am just telling you that if you prepare, you have a much better chance of avoiding violent crime, or defending yourself and your family from violent crime. The Public Safety Department as you know it does not provide this service.

Even if you are a trained defense professional, you need to ignore the bravery and recklessness you see in the movies. The most powerful self defense technique is to avoid trouble.

First you and your family should discuss the following list of self defense ideas.

  • Avoid high crime rate areas
  • Don’t travel alone
  • Add automated lighting for night time arrivals
  • Add an electric gate and/or guest arrival buzzers for your driveway
  • Add reinforcements to your doors so they can’t be kicked in
  • Be sure you know who is at your door before you open it
  • Get a watch dog
  • Add surveillance cameras
  • Learn gun safety and arm yourself and family
  • Learn to use a knife and/or pepper spray for self defense
  • Learn a self defense art like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

All of these suggestions can help prevent or defend you against violent crime, today. If everyone learns self defense and all moral and honest people start protecting each other then even our current statist society will benefit. But how will it work in a stateless society?

First let me state that my personal belief is that a truly free society with no government will not exist until one of two things happen. A number of generations pass where a majority of people are raised by the non-aggression principal and just like slavery the government as we know it today will be banned as immoral. Or, failure of the current monetary system will send some of the largest countries into economic collapse and government will be ignored and over-ruled. I prefer #1 because that will be a beautiful thing but we will need self defense to be sure moral and good people survive and unite to defeat corruption and evil.

Just remember, if you are not willing to defend yourself and others then why should they defend you? It is really a simple answer to a common question. If you believe in freedom then don’t wait for it, start living your life the same way you say you will in a truly free society. Let’s start setting some examples.

Note: It is important to consider all firearms loaded regardless of what you think or are told about the weapon. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction regardless of what state or condition you believe it is in. Never put your finger on the trigger until the firearm is pointed at the target and you are ready to fire. That’s all it really takes to make them safe.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches smaller often weaker individuals to defend themselves against bigger and stronger opponents. The art focuses on leverage, joint locks, and choking techniques. These techniques, when applied properly, can overcome an opponent without causing serious injury.

The Illusion of Safety – by Ron Paul

Posted by Pete Tulley on December 11, 2011


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