Retired Weekly Anarchist News Show

5 Steps to Anarchy formerly put out a weekly news show pointing out examples of the horrors of government and statism. You can see our past episodes of State of Madness on YouTube:

Episode 6, March 7, 2012: Court sentences man to life plus two years after a 13 year old girl ran away from home with him and he got her pregnant; Deputy Mayor of Washington D.C. makes public his rejection of your right to self defense; a judge revokes a 17 year old boy’s right to drive FOREVER.

Episode 5, February 29, 2012: Police arrest a man for harmlessly using a firearm to apprehend a burglar; court tells a man what he MUST post on Facebook, or he will go to jail; Ohio looking to ban any “secret compartments” added onto a motor vehicle, regardless of what’s in them; Canadian police arrest a man after his daughter drew a picture of him with a gun.

Episode 4, February 22, 2012: Cincinnati high school pay its students to attend; an agent of the state told a 4 year old that her turkey sandwich and fruit were unacceptable in preschool; private prison corporations incentivize the creation of more criminals; the FBI masterminds terror plots to make arrests.

Episode 3, February 15, 2012: FBI Warns of “Anti-Government Extremists”; Great Britain OKs nerve gas on its citizens; US setting up for drones watching us within 3 years; why you shouldn’t call the state for emotional help.

Episode 2, February 8, 2012: The government mandates sin; another “isolated incident” of police brutality and theft on those who dare film them; documentary filmmaker arrested for having the nerve to film a public House hearing; Virginia family faces a crime for bringing their kids to school 3 minutes late.

Episode 1, January 31, 2012: Sen. Rand Paul detained by the TSA because the body scanner lied; ex-US Presidents are budgeted millions of dollars each year for free luxuries; President Obama still wants to spend yet more fake money to “fix” the economy; Iowa doesn’t have anything better to do than to worry about peoples’ feelings.

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