The State is Institutionalized Violence

We often think that there are “bad” governments and there are “good” governments, and only the bad ones hurt and oppress their people. While some governments are certainly worse than others, it’s more a matter of degrees of badness. Wondering why?

Let’s start with what a government is: a government is a group of people who have claimed authority over all people inside a certain geographical area. That’s it! There’s no requirement for their subjects to consent, only to exist inside the claimed area.

Simply put, a government cannot function without the threat of initiating violence. They will dictate what you can and can’t do in almost every aspect of life, backed by the threat of violence, and demand that you fund them, backed by the threat of violence. Taxation, fines, and fees are the name of the game, which are really just glorified words for extortion and theft. A good way to spot this is to take any government action and imagine your neighbor or any random stranger doing the same thing. Is it still acceptable? Probably not! Any time you’re caught refusing to comply with a government mandate, it won’t be long before you’re met with armed men ready to kidnap you and lock you in a cage—and if you resist their attack, physically harm you.

What is it that gives this “elite class” a different set of rules from the rest of us? Some people consent and accept government as what’s best for them, but what about those who don’t consent—who never agreed to grant these people authority over them? Non-consenting people are extorted, kidnapped, and even killed by government agents all the time, and it’s all permitted within their laws. Laws are just words on paper that human beings like you and me wrote, but because they claim to be part of that elite class—”The State”—it is believed to be moral, ethical, and righteous for them and their enforcers, the police, to initiate violence to get their way.

If all people are equal and have the same rights then this can’t be legitimate behavior.

So which is it? Does a group of people have more rights than you? Are they your masters? Do they have authority and power over you?

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Posted by Clint Blizzard on July 31, 2013


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