Why Pay Taxes?

In the United States of America, we are taxed on almost everything. You are taxed when you buy a bottle of water from a vending machine; you are taxed when you buy a car; you are taxed for owning that car through obligatory registration; you are taxed every time you buy fuel for that car. When you are paid wages for your work, you are taxed. When you own land and a home, free and clear, you still pay the government rent in the form of property tax. To even call property tax “rent” is being generous, when in fact it is a protection racket, like every other tax, and you will be forcibly removed from your own home if you refuse to pay it.

Do you know where all that money is actually going?

You don’t. There’s not enough time in the day for you to know where that money is going, with countless government agencies plowing through tax dollars at ever-ballooning rates, and an obscenely large tax code. Nobody actually seems to know just how long the U.S. federal tax code really is; figures range anywhere from about 17,000 pages to around 70,000 pages. There’s no way that even the taxmen know what is contained in this code.

Perhaps the worst part of it all is that they’ve trained us to willingly keep records and fill out ridiculous forms upon ridiculous forms, or even pay others who have undergone training to do all of this for us, all to have our money stolen from us and used for purposes we’ll never know.

If I suggested that everybody stop paying taxes today, and don’t give the government another penny, what would your first reaction be? You might be thinking “But who will take care of the roads?” (Or more likely, you’ll be thinking “I don’t want to go to prison,” but we’ll look past that for now.) That seems to be the most common response to such a suggestion, but the answer is simple. This isn’t a video game, where a hand in the sky places roads wherever they’re needed, and where a lack of money will cause the roads to spontaneously degrade and wash out at an accelerated rate. This is real life, where workers and machines will work just as well to build and maintain roads, regardless of whether it’s funded by tax money or private money.

I won’t sit here and tell you where the money for everything would come from if the government no longer had stolen money to pass around, but my point is that you are paying every day for things that you don’t even know about, and most people subscribe to this and accept it as a fact of life.

Once you take a step back from this insane “fact of life” and realize just how evil taxation is, you’ll wonder… why pay taxes?

NOTE: In no way am I suggesting that you actually stop paying taxes. This is only a philosophical discussion on the immorality of taxation.

Posted by Clint Blizzard on November 29, 2011


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